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“A successful family lawyer understands the unique way in which a family business operates, and an effective business lawyer understands the resulting complex family dynamics.”

ZM Law Group focuses on supporting business owners in every aspect of their business needs. We do this across a wide variety of ways including our specialized knowledge of:

From formation to growth to succession, ZM Law Group is with you every step of the way. We understand  the unique nuances of  small business law in Maryland and we can help you achieve your goals .

Why Work with ZM Law Group?

There’s no shortage of business attorneys in the community, but few are well-versed in managing the many factors at play behind the scenes of a family run business. Zhanna Maydanich has an intimate level of understanding of the delicate and complicated dynamics of running a small business as well as the unique added complexities involved with running a family business. Not only did she grow up in a family business, but both she and her husband own and run their own companies. It is this unique personal experience and knowledge of business law in Owings Mills, MD that will serve you well.

Zhanna Maydanich intimately understands the daily challenges faced by business owners, and the impact those challenges have on the whole family. Managing cash-flow, employees, revenue and expenses all while finding the time and resources to keep the business stable and thriving requires making decisions and sacrifices that impact the Business and has a direct impact on the family. Utilizing her experience and understanding of these dynamics which are unique to small and family businesses, she offers ZM Law Group’s business clients guidance and advocacy with perspective that is grounded in a lifetime of personal and practical experience.

Zhanna Maydanich is particularly familiar with the unique challenges and issues facing first-generation business owners and their families. She is passionate about working with these unique individuals and their families to assist with business formation, operation and safeguarding against pitfalls and challenges. Transferring your Business to second or third generations, or selling your Business also requires careful planning and an in-depth understanding of the various legal and financial issues that must be addressed. ZM Law Group ensures that these transitions are smooth, comprehensive and flawless whether you’re in Columbia, MD, Owings Mills, MD, or anywhere else in the state. 

Issues to Think About for Family-Owned Businesses:

  • Formation: identify the structure for your organization, such as : 1. sole proprietorships, 2, partnerships, 3. limited liability companies, 4. S corporations, 5. C corporations, 6. holding companies under family control
  • Identifying financing needs and options: 1. bank loans, 2.letters of credit, 3.investment funds, 4.even private or public debt or equity offerings
    • Developing the most appropriate compensation structure, taking into account family needs, other family member partners, employees, growth strategies.
  • Dispute resolution and litigation avoidance: Providing guidance and counsel to avoid and address business controversies that may lead to disputes either with family, other partners or others. Offering proactive advice, defining the rights and responsibilities of family members toward business operations and advocating for remedies that are best suited for your situation. Focusing on reaching negotiated settlements that preserve family ties along with the business
    • Implementing the appropriate solutions regarding matter of corporate compliance, employee management and conflicts, issues of conflicts of interest and confidentiality.
  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating all contracts, documents, correspondence required to ensure legal compliance, maximize legal protection and safeguard your business interests.
  • Developing personalized estate planning solutions in accordance with your wishes and maximizing financial benefits while minimizing tax implications. Ensuring fiduciary compliance.

Cash Flow-Friendly Payment Plans

Cash flow is everything for the owners of a business, and managing the unpredictability of legal expenses can be daunting, burdensome and detrimental to growth. This is why ZM Law Group offers a unique retainer billing arrangement for our clients. When you call on our experience, you’re calling on a strong team of business law attorneys who understand your needs and will help you navigate your business challenges.

Have More Questions About Business Law in Maryland?

If you have legal questions about your small business or family business in Maryland, then contact the Business team at ZM Law Group in Owings Mills, MD. Our unique approach to bridging family law and business law allows us to guide our clients in the right direction whether they’re facing a complex divorce or addressing challenging business issues. If you’re looking for a family lawyer who understands business law or a Business Lawyer who understands family, we are located in Owings Mills, MD. At ZM Law Group, we are ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of partnerships are suitable for my business?

Selecting the appropriate partnership model is pivotal for your business’s success. A general partnership involves shared responsibilities and liabilities among partners, ideal for small businesses with equal collaboration. Limited partnerships offer a blend of general and limited partners, allowing some to invest without managing the business. Limited liability partnerships protect all partners from personal liability, a wise choice for professional service firms. Understanding the nuances of each partnership type ensures alignment with your business goals, risk tolerance, and management preferences.

How can a partnership agreement benefit my business?

A well-crafted partnership agreement serves as a foundational document, preemptively addressing potential challenges. By clearly defining roles, responsibilities, profit-sharing, and decision-making processes, the agreement minimizes ambiguity, fostering a harmonious partnership. It acts as a proactive tool to prevent conflicts, providing a roadmap for navigating various scenarios. Additionally, the agreement can incorporate provisions for partner exit strategies, ensuring a smooth transition in case of dissolution or the departure of a partner, contributing to the overall stability and sustainability of the business.

What key elements should be included in our partnership agreement?

Crafting a robust partnership agreement involves specifying essential elements crucial for the smooth functioning of the business. This includes detailing profit distribution mechanisms, establishing management roles, outlining decision-making processes, and implementing procedures for the inclusion or removal of partners. Clarity on contributions, responsibilities, and expectations is paramount to avoid misunderstandings and disputes. By addressing these fundamental aspects comprehensively, the partnership agreement becomes a dynamic tool that adapts to the evolving needs of the business, ensuring a resilient and transparent collaborative framework.

How can disputes among partners be resolved within the partnership agreement?

The partnership agreement serves as a proactive instrument for conflict resolution by incorporating a comprehensive dispute resolution mechanism. This can include multi-step processes such as negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, arbitration. Clearly defining these steps in the agreement streamlines the resolution process, preventing prolonged disruptions to business operations. Introducing the option of involving a neutral third party for mediation or arbitration ensures an unbiased perspective, facilitating fair and efficient conflict resolution. By embedding these mechanisms, the partnership agreement not only addresses potential disputes but also cultivates an environment of trust and accountability among partners, enhancing the overall resilience of the partnership.

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